Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are a visually rich format that shows users a photo of your product, plus a title, price, store name, and more. Shopping ads appear on top of organic search listings with a higher chance of being seen by people with a high level of purchase intent.

Instead of keywords, Shopping ads use details about your products to show your ads to relevant customers. You’ll want to keep your product data organized with a file called a feed. This file, much like a spreadsheet, contains all the information about the products you sell (such as title, description, color, gender, size, etc.).

With our shopping advertising, you can:

  1. Promote your online and local inventory
  2. Find better qualified leads
  3. Boost traffic to your website or physical store
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Shopping Ads Special

  • 能見度高

    After audience input their search query, shopping ads with related product will show at the top of the page – Above the paid search placement

  • 吸引性較高 (有圖片、價格)

  • 相比於傳統文字廣告顯著地有更多流量





配合再追蹤行銷策略 (Re-targeting),為購物廣告達至最大效益

1. User searches on Google.

2. User clicks on the paid search ad and gets a device cookie.

3. Lands on the advertiser’s website but leaves it without converting.

4. Later visits another site and sees a relevant display, video or mobile ad.

5. Returns to the advertiser’s website and signals a conversion.

Shopping ad examples

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