Mobile Marketing

With the rapid growth of time spent on smartphones, mobile marketing has become a necessity in digital marketing. As many smartphone users nowadays start their browsing journey from mobile, choosing correct mobile marketing channel and work with it correctly, is by no means the most important things.

We, as AD-Linkage, with a team consist of mobile marketing, are ready to offer you a wide range of support. From platform suggestion to cross-channel re-targeting and analytics, we are confident in optimizing your mobile marketing performance with our professional practices.

The number of smartphone users grows continuously, and it has been far surpassing the PC users. Mobile marketing is the marketing on or with a mobile device which can provide customers with time and location sensitivity, as well as personalized information that promotes product and services. Mobile marketing creates stronger user experiences that extend beyond the standard banner ad, which gives a greater possibility to reach the target audience anytime, anywhere.

We, as AD- Linkage, would help our clients to reach their target audience with a good return on investment by optimizing their exposure and maximizing the value of mobile devices.

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Why AdMob?

Google AdMob is one of the world’s largest mobile ad platforms which serves billions of banner and text ads per month across mobile websites and mobile apps. It brings together best-in-class technology in a single platform, so customers can gain insights about their users and maximize the ad revenue.

AD-Linkage believes, AdMob, the outstanding app platform may bring an incredible contribution to your business.

Mobile Responsive Site

Google has announced that they would give priority to websites that are “Mobile Friendly”. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure your website is Mobile-Ready and Finger-Friendly to gain maximum exposure and better impression for your target audience. AD-Linkage has lots of valuable ideas in presenting your contents in better mobile formats to gain the most attraction of your target audiences. Mobile Marketing plays an important role in the Digital Marketing World to establish top-of-mind brand awareness.

Common Mobile Ad Formats

Mobile Advertising

Since Mobile devices are now the primary channel for the source of information and communication, effectively advertise through Mobile Websites, Apps and the other means will definitely help us to reach our target audience with a good return on investment. Moreover, it would create a lasting brand presence and increase brand awareness. There are many ad formats available and AD-Linkage will help you to choose appropriate formats for your needs to optimize exposures on mobile devices. Undoubtedly, Mobile Marketing is crucial in the Digital Marketing World. Undoubtedly, Mobile Marketing is a crucial part of the world in Digital Marketing.

10 Mobile Responsive Site Best Practices

  • Keep it quick
  • Simple navigation
  • Be thumb-friendly
  • Design for visibility
  • Make it accessible
  • Make it easy to convert
  • Make it local
  • Make it seamless
  • Use mobile site redirects
  • Listen, learn and iterate

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